Engineering New Zealand is updating its Regulations. In 2018/19 we reviewed and updated our Rules to make them more modern, efficient, and easy to understand. Our regulations now need updating to reflect the changes to our Rules.

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Minor changes have been made to four of our regulations, to bring them into line with the Rules. The proposed changes to the Disciplinary Regulations are more significant, and we are seeking your feedback on these before they are approved. Consultation is open until 7 February 2020.

Updates approved by Board

Most of our regulations only need minor amendments to make them consistent with the new Rules. These changes do not have any substantial impact on your membership rights or obligations. The Board has approved changes to the following regulations:

  • Competence Register Regulations
  • Continuing Professional Development Policy
  • Election or Transfer to Engineering New Zealand Membership Classes Regulations; and
  • Annual Membership Fee Discount Regulations. 

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Consultation on changes to Disciplinary Regulations

During extensive consultation on the Rules review, we also sought and received feedback on possible changes to the way we respond to concerns and complaints about members. These changes include raising the maximum disciplinary fine from $5000 to $10,000, incorporating our early resolution processes into the disciplinary regulations, and adding mechanisms for managing risk by sharing information with other agencies. Based on your feedback, we are proposing some changes to our Disciplinary Regulations.

View draft Disciplinary Regulations   |  505.2 KB

The purpose of these changes is to meet the objectives of our complaints resolution and disciplinary processes, which are to:

  • achieve proportionate, fair and transparent outcomes
  • protect the public
  • uphold professional standards; and
  • hold members accountable where the standards reasonably expected of them are not met.

As these proposed changes are more significant, and affect your membership rights and obligations, we would like your feedback. You can have your say by emailing with the subject line “Disciplinary Regulations”. You can give feedback on any of the proposed changes, but we are particularly interested in your views on the proposals to:

  • raise the maximum disciplinary fine to $10,000
  • incorporate our early resolution processes into the regulations
  • introduce risk management procedures for sharing information with other agencies where there is a risk of harm to the public – and whether this should be extended to where there is an imminent risk to the environment
  • allow complaints to be dismissed by an Adjudicator or Investigating Committee if there is no real prospect of the complaint being upheld
  • allow an Investigating Committee to suspend membership during an active investigation where there is reason to believe the member’s practice poses a risk of serious harm to the public; and
  • allow the Board to specify a fee for appealing a disciplinary decision

These changes to the Disciplinary Regulations apply to our members only, and the amendments will not be made to the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act or Rules.

At the end of the consultation period we will review your feedback. An updated draft of the Disciplinary Regulations will be subject to external legal review and Board approval before coming into force.

We look forward to hearing your views on these changes.