Share, engage and have your voice heard.

We’ve almost finished our Member Connect tour for 2021 – a series of regional events, bought to you by your regional committee, and proudly supported by MAS.

During July and August, our CE Richard Templer, board, and members of our leadership team travelled Aotearoa top to bottom, personally visiting all regional branches.

So far, we’ve been met with great turnouts and received positive feedback following each session. We're also seeing a consistent theme of how busy engineers are.

We’ve been giving overviews of our work on occupational regulation, engineering practice, sector programmes and where we're headed with climate change. But most importantly, these sessions are an opportunity to hear from you – your ideas, concerns, what we can do to help, and how you'd like to be involved.

That's a wrap!

Thank you to all our members who participated in this year's Member Connect.

We gain a lot from meeting you, and hearing what we can do to better support your region – as well as providing you with our updates and being able to answer your questions on the spot.

We look forward to doing it all again in 2022.

In the meantime, check out this year's recap from our CE Richard Templer: