The Government has developed two key initiatives to resolve the outstanding insurance claims related to the Canterbury earthquake sequence; the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service (GCCRS) and the Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal. The GCCRS has been operating since October 2018 and the Tribunal is due to be established in mid-June 2019.

To support the work of the GCCRS and the Tribunal, Engineering New Zealand established an independent expert panel which the GCCRS and the Tribunal can draw on for technical and expert advice and facilitation services. 

In December 2018, we appointed 19 engineers to the Panel. These committed engineers have been providing advice to the GCCRS and have already helped resolve many outstanding claims. 

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Why are we calling for more applications? 

Engineering disputes sit at the heart of many of the complex and unresolved insurance claims in the greater Christchurch area. Our panel have been working hard to help as many homeowners as possible to move forward but demand on the Panel is high. We want to continue to provide high quality and timely engineering services to homeowners and insurers, but to do that, we need more Panel members. 

Who should apply? 

Our Panel is made up of facilitators and technical members. Our technical members are particularly in demand, specifically our structural technical members. 

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If you are a senior engineer who has been involved in the rebuild of earthquake-damaged residential properties, then we want to hear from you. Please fill out the application form and include your CV and a cover letter. Please send your application to 

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If you applied in December 2018, and are still interested in joining the Panel, you do not need to reapply, just email Madison and let her know you would like your application to be considered for this role. 

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