Engineering New Zealand is reviewing our rules, beginning with an initial round of consultation in February and March.

Consultation will continue throughout this year, with the goal of the review to present any proposed changes to the March 2019 AGM.

The intention is to modernise and streamline the Rules, and to make them more usable by turning them into plain English, developing a clear and logical layout, and removing detail where it’s not needed. 

Input from our branches, groups and membership will be essential to the review. We’re starting this process with a blank slate: we invite members to share their feedback on any aspect of the Rules.

The focus over the coming year will be on engagement and consultation with our branches, groups and membership, to develop proposals and work towards a better set of Rules that works for our members.

Consultation opportunities

There will be three rounds of consultation this year.

The first round of consultation will seek general feedback and ideas from our members, about what aspects of the Rules they think could be changed or improved. We are proactively seeking feedback from targeted groups, but we also welcome feedback from the broader membership.

From this feedback, we will develop a range of proposed options. The second round of consultation will seek feedback from our membership on these options. Using that feedback, we will develop a draft of the proposed changes to the Rules. 

The third round of consultation will seek feedback on the draft amended Rules. After this final round of consultation, the Rules will be put before the Board. The final proposal will then be presented to the membership for resolution at the 2019 AGM.

Timeline for consultation

Consultation will take place during the following times this year.

First round of consultation, seeking high-level feedback and ideas

Second round of consultation, seeking feedback on proposed options. 

Third round of consultation, seeking feedback on draft rule changes.

The first round of consultation is now open and will close on 31 March. We’ll keep you updated with notifications and reminders about upcoming consultation opportunities throughout the year. We’ll also tell you about the progress of the review and the feedback we receive along the way.

Taking part in consultation

We want the consultation process to be accessible and engaging. We welcome feedback from individual members during each stage of consultation.

We also want to make sure we receive feedback and input from groups who will be the most affected, or who will have the best insight into what needs changing. We are proactively seeking feedback and face-to-face meetings with these groups during the first round of consultation, including our branches, technical groups, young professionals, and those involved in our disciplinary procedures.

Have your say

You can make a submission during the first round of consultation by emailing with the subject “Rules consultation”

Read our current Rules