This January we’re asking you to declare you’ve done 40 hours of continuing professional development in the 2019 calendar year.

Many forms of learning can count towards your professional development commitment – not just formal courses but also on-the-job learning, conferences, volunteer roles and reading.

You can record your CPD in the secure area of our website, under learning records. Recording your CPD here means you’ll always have access to it. From next year, we’ll be doing random audits of members’ CPD, so it’s a good time to start a habit of keeping records.     

If you joined part way through the year, then you should complete the same proportion of the 40 hours. For example, if you were a member for 3 months of 2019, you should have completed 10 hours CPD.

We’ll be emailing you on 23 January to ask you if you’ve completed 40 hours in 2019.

Read our CPD policy   |  190.9 KB