We’re looking for exceptional engineers to become Engineering New Zealand Fellows.

If you, or someone you know, is doing incredible work that deserves recognition, we’d love for them to apply for Fellowship.

Fellowship is our way of recognising outstanding engineers. It recognises hard work, dedication, innovation and leadership in Aotearoa’s engineering profession.

The profession needs a diverse range of Fellows – from different disciplines, regions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and genders. Because we want our Fellows to resemble the diversity of excellent engineers we have across Aotearoa, so maybe you can help by putting forward yourself, or someone you know, to become a Fellow?

Fellowship also isn’t just for people who are nearing the end of their working career; mid-career engineers with significant achievements are also encouraged to apply.

And if you know a current Fellow who is out of this world, nominate them for Distinguished Fellowship – the ultimate honour. Distinguished Fellow is the pinnacle of our membership pathway, and is by nomination only.

Applications and nominations close 30 September.

Read more about becoming a Fellow