After significant input from members, we have revised and modernised our Rules to better reflect how we do business.

The new draft Rules reflect feedback from our three rounds of consultation in 2018. Our third round of consultation showed overwhelming support for the new Rules (from more than 92% of respondents).  

The draft Rules have also received an external legal review. 

Members will vote on the new draft at our Annual General Meeting in Wellington on Friday 29 March at 3pm. All members are invited to attend.

The draft Rules are half the length of the existing Rules and have been written in plain English. They support the work of volunteers, including Branches and Groups, rather than creating administrative hurdles. 

Other changes include introducing the ability for people to attend and vote remotely at AGMs, allowing us to respond to complaints about people who are no longer Engineering New Zealand members but who were members at the time of the relevant conduct, and allowing for the Board to enter into reciprocal membership arrangements. 

The most significant areas of feedback in the third round of consultation were in relation to our Board governance structure. The review of our governance structure is an important and significant piece of work, and the Board has committed to carrying this out in 2020.  

At this time, we’ll also revisit the question of whether there should be a quorum for Annual General Meetings, which had no clear mandate for change. 

Some submissions made as part of the consultation process haven’t been adopted because they raised issues best addressed through policy or regulations (such as the Disciplinary Regulations) rather than the Rules themselves. We also received feedback that was in conflict with other feedback. 

If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch through

Read the draft Rules   |  417.9 KB