During May–June 2021, we asked for your input into the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) proposals on occupational regulation for engineers.

Thank you for your participation during MBIE's 2021 consultation on occupational regulation.

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The fundamental points of our submission were:

  • We support the occupational regulation of engineers, as we believe this is good for the profession and the public.
  • We support the widespread, mandatory registration of engineers and allied professions.
  • We support licensing being introduced.
  • We support a new regulatory system, where the Regulator (Board) is accountable to a Minister and has the power to delegate regulatory functions to a service provider. We welcome MBIE’s suggestion that the regulatory service provider be Engineering New Zealand.

Our consulation process

We used your previous feedback, including your feedback on the CPEng Review, to shape our submission to MBIE.

Read our final submission   |  524.5 KB

We held discussion sessions on 28 May, 2 June and 8 June as an opportunity for you to ask questions about the proposals and our thinking.

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We worked with ACE New Zealand to better understand the compliance costs and business implications associated with the proposal.

We finalised our submission to MBIE after Wednesday 9 June. By this time, we had heard from members, technical groups, and others about our draft response. We analysed this additional feedback to inform a detailed response to MBIE about our preferred option for an effective and efficient regulatory system.

MBIE’s consultation closed on Friday 25 June.