16 Mar 2018,
10.00AM – 5.00PM
7 hrs
Te Wharewaka o Pōneke
Wellington waterfront
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Register Add to Calendar 2018-03-16 10:00:00 2018-03-16 17:00:00 Pacific/Auckland [ENGI2-001] From climate change and urbanisation to solutions for making our lives easier, engineering and technology have the power to transform our world. Te Wharewaka o Pōneke Engineering New Zealand

From climate change and urbanisation to solutions for making our lives easier, engineering and technology have the power to transform our world.

This inaugural symposium brings together a diverse group of innovative thinkers to discuss how both disciplines will change how we live, and show what we can do to be front and centre of these changes.

Engineering :: Innovation will offer you a unique opportunity to network, learn and be intellectually stimulated by the breadth of ideas, possibilities and solutions.

Here are our confirmed speakers and sessions. More to be announced soon…

Roger Dennis

Topic: Navigating Uncertain Waters

The world is undergoing a period of significant change and many leaders are still unsure about how to respond. In this thoughtful presentation, Roger will talk about what is changing and how it is already making an impact on our lives. He will also provide his insights on how we can frame the future to better plan for these momentous changes.


Roger’s work puts him squarely at the intersection of foresight, strategy and innovation. He is a member of the core team for Future Agenda, the world’s largest foresight programme, and has worked across a range of industries as a thought-leader and strategist. In 2006, he co-led the Shell Technology Futures programme for the GameChanger team at The Hague. His thinking has been referenced in numerous publications, including the Financial Times and Scientific American

Sarvnaz Taherian

Topic: Thought Wired – making the world accessible to everyone

Sarvnaz will share her experience of creating a user-friending brain-computer interface (BCI) to enable people with severe physical disabilities communicate and interact through computers. BCIs are a unique example of a human-computer interface, as they do not require any physical capability on behalf of the user. Instead, sensors utilise neural activity as control signals to interact with electronic devices such as robotic limbs, wheelchairs and computers. For her presentation, Sarvnaz will urge designers and developers of technology and environments to consider the impact of their designs on individuals with disabilities.


Sarvnaz is a Co-founder and Experience and Usability Expert at Thought Wired, a hi-tech social enterprise start-up based in Auckland that creates software which uses brain-sensing technology to allow people with disabilities to communicate.


Ross De Rango

Topic: Electricity in Transition

Over the next twenty years, the shift from internal combustion engines to electric power in road transport will drastically change the established patterns of energy consumption all over the world.  The parallel introduction of more variable renewable energy sources, such as large-scale wind and solar, will bring additional grid management complexities and will drive the uptake of storage solutions at an unprecedented scale. This presentation will look at recent global experiences and responses, and examine the intersections of these technologically-driven changes.


Ross De Rango is a Melbourne-based Product Development Manager for NHP Electrical Engineering. His role incorporates identifying emergent market trends and innovation, and advising clients across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to working at NHP, Ross was an associate lecturer in robotics at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria.

Ian Taylor

Topic: Back to the Future

Ian works at the cutting edge of virtual and augmented reality – from practical applications to services for consumer and business markets. He will talk about his amazing journey into virtual worlds and map out the future possibilities in this space.


Ian is the founder of computer graphics company Animation Research Limited (ARL). Based in Dunedin, ARL first made its name providing real-time sports graphics at the 1992 America's Cup, but now uses its technology for golf, cricket, tennis and Formula One car-racing and other sports events all around the globe.  

Panel Discussion

Topic: Innovative engineering solutions to solve our most pressing problems. 

  • Roger Dennis, Founder Innovation Matters, Consultant Future Agenda
  • Tim Packer, Head of Smart City Solutions, NEC
  • James Hughes, Climate and Resilience Specialist, Tonkin+Taylor
  • Mahsa Mohaghegh, Lecturer in Information Technology and Software Engineering, AUT