The Engineering Practice Advisory Committee (EPAC) advises the Engineering New Zealand Board on engineering practice. They provide advice when there are issues or concerns that could have major impact on the profession, and on Engineering New Zealand's reputation with stakeholders.

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Update 01 October 2023

An evolution in our approach

With a deep appreciation for past and present Engineering Practice Advisory Committee (EPAC) members, the Governing Board has moved to change the way its engineering practice advisory and oversight roles are conducted. This means the EPAC will be disestablished, but the vital functions it performs will continue to be integrated into our future work and strategies. We find ourselves facing different challenges compelling us to adapt and innovate the way in which essential functions are delivered. With EPAC being disestablished, its important role and essential engineering practice advisory and oversight capacities will be undertaken by the Governing Board and Engineering New Zealand staff. Thanks to past and present EPAC members for their dedication and contributions to the engineering community.

For further information, please contact Tania Williams, General Manager Member Services.